Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kim Davis v. Tim Cushing, we should jail less

The latest issues involving Kim Davis should give everyone pause to think about their lives.  I am against the way Ms. Davis has handled this and believe that she should have issued those licenses, I can also say I am not her and I don't have her same religous convictions.  WIth that being said the judge in this matter essentially crated the media storm that is Kim Davis and when he locked her up despite having over 100 different ways in cohercing her to do her job I think we say the begining of the end of America.  It brougth me some joy actually, as Americans we have shielded ourselves from seeing how many people we lock up in prison.  And the question was, should Kim Davis be in prison.  I honestly wish for every criminal case we could have that discussion.  Its seems absent.  We should always ask ourselves should this person serve time for what they did.  We need to seperate who we are mad at with those who we are scared of.  As a country until we get to that point we are going to have a problem with criminal justice.  My opinon is Kim Davis shouldn't have gone to jail.  She was true to her self and her beliefs. I know the Tim Cushings of the world would love to see no criminal; justice reform, to see everyone but him incarcerated.  But that is not reality.  Kim Davis is free today, but she should never have been in jail in the first place, along with half of the people I served time with.