Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tim Cushing and just because you can do something doesn't mean you should

Third level morality is on display.  What is that?  It means quite simply to quesiton authority, it means just because one can do something doesn't mean they should do something.  It also means that we cannot live in peace because people are unable to think with third level morality.  Tim Cushing is one of those people, someone unable to simply use third level morality.  What is happening in Oregon is an example of that.  The occupation of a vacant federal outpost, hardly a building is done solely because assholes like Frank R Papagni, Jr., AnneMarie Sgarlata and Kelly Zusman.  

It is time that just because the Government can lock up innocent ranchers doesn't mean they should.  If their is a shoot out then the blood is on the hands of these US prosecutors. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Solar News

What happened? The House of Representatives filed a budget bill this morning that would fund the federal government through October 2016. Included is a deal to extend both provisions of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) at the current 30% until the end of 2019 before phasing it out over several years.
Why does it matter? Don't pop the champagne yet - this ITC extension is not a done deal. The entire bill still needs to be voted on and approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate before being sent to the President for his signature. But, since Congress must pass a budget and members are eager to adjourn for the holidays, prospects are looking good! 

What can you do? It's possible the House could vote as early as Thursday - that's tomorrow! - followed shortly thereafter by a Senate vote. Please call your representatives in both the House and Senate and ask them to support the budget bill! Find their phone numbers here. Or if you can’t make a call, click here to send a note to your representatives.

Letter to Governor Brown

"I am writing you today to express concern about several state agencies actively trying to get around Labor Code section 432.9, also known as a bill AB 218.  I am a ex convict and have been subject to preliminary background searches by agencies like the Department of Insurance before an interview, positions that would not be on the restrictions or considered criminmal justice agencies routinely do preliminary background searches before hiring.  I have an email from the Department of Insurance proving such.

My purpose in writing you is to let you know that their are several state agencies working around your well intentioned "ban the box" law.  I have a 2 year old and need to find work which has been very hard to come by, but much harder when state agencies like the Department of Insurance do not obey the law.

Thank you,

Sean Gjerde"

Obviously state agencies are actively trying to get around this new law and are pretty up front about it which is suprising.  Nearly all state agencies now post on their job listings that background checks are required even though the position does not call for it and is not part of the exemptions of AB 218.

This is and should be a outrage to all.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Obama didn't make this

Sorry I have been away, been nursing back to back to back colds.  Hard having a little guy in preschool, he brings home every disease possible.  But to my blog point.  I have heard a lot of chatter the past couple days about Obama, Barry Obama releasing 6000 prisoners from federal prison.  First off Obama had absolutely nothing to do with this.  This was actually panned along time ago by the federal sentencing commission realizing that sentences have gotten out of hand.  Second a new article talked about that many of these 6000 are already released.  Also not true, many of them are in Federal Halfway houses awaiting release at the end of the month.  They are not released and trust me a Federal Halfway house is no place to have fun, I am sure many of them wish they were back in prison.  Honestly the reduction in a few of these sentences didn't really mean a whole lot.  These are mostly first time no violent drug offenders who made a mistake, nothing more.  Its time to reunite these people with their families. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kim Davis v. Tim Cushing, we should jail less

The latest issues involving Kim Davis should give everyone pause to think about their lives.  I am against the way Ms. Davis has handled this and believe that she should have issued those licenses, I can also say I am not her and I don't have her same religous convictions.  WIth that being said the judge in this matter essentially crated the media storm that is Kim Davis and when he locked her up despite having over 100 different ways in cohercing her to do her job I think we say the begining of the end of America.  It brougth me some joy actually, as Americans we have shielded ourselves from seeing how many people we lock up in prison.  And the question was, should Kim Davis be in prison.  I honestly wish for every criminal case we could have that discussion.  Its seems absent.  We should always ask ourselves should this person serve time for what they did.  We need to seperate who we are mad at with those who we are scared of.  As a country until we get to that point we are going to have a problem with criminal justice.  My opinon is Kim Davis shouldn't have gone to jail.  She was true to her self and her beliefs. I know the Tim Cushings of the world would love to see no criminal; justice reform, to see everyone but him incarcerated.  But that is not reality.  Kim Davis is free today, but she should never have been in jail in the first place, along with half of the people I served time with.  

Monday, August 31, 2015

Attacking prison reform with government paid trolls like Tim Cushing

AstroTurf campaigns are campaigns that mimic something like a grassroots campaign but are actually planted.  These are normally started by governments or corporations, such as our own by paid bloggers like a Tim Cushing who is a paid blogger by Ziff Davis which is also partially funded by the government, hence the connection.  What bloggers like Tim Cushing do is post blogs about non-government actions interspersed with government action.  The idea is to equate the two as the same, making what private citizens do as the same as what the government does.  Which is actually fairly clever way of excusing the government when it violates your civil rights. 
What Tim Cushing also does he has government/corporate trolls perform for him on twitter and other boards to essentially back up his fake news coverage to seek and destroy those who are trying to reign in government action.  What Tim does is essentially try to prop up the government against those seeking to exercise their civil rights or seeking common sense reform that would limit and shrink the government such as prison reform.  As a prison reform activist I have been targeted by Tim and his team of trolls for attempting to remove untruthful information about myself, along with removing copyrighted material to help other convicts in getting their lives back in order to get long term employment and provide for their families.  The government doesn’t want this and they use internet monkeys like Tim Cushing to eradicate decent with the help of his troll friends who are in all actuality likely government paid employees. 

It’s important to troll back on these agents. This isn’t as crazy as it seems, there are plenty of examples of the government trolling the internet and creating their own news, the Washington Post reports on this often.  I can only hope that people are wise enough to see this for what it is.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We can't be victims, inmates or others, it leads to nothing but sadness.

It's pretty clear today, that the shooter Vester Lee Flanagan II in the shooting in Virgina thought of himself as a victim.  And honestly why shouldn't he think of himself that way. You got most of the news media, sans Fox saying your the victim.  You have news reporters and commentators blamming Fox News for inciting the shooting of a South Carolia church.  Where the other media keeps up the victim line.  Black Lives Matter puts gasoline on this fire, a fire that has been brewing since Obama was inaguraited and started when the now former Attorney General attacked white people in his first speech.  That was the begining of a presidency that would see race relations get to a all time low. 

I honestly can't really blame this guy.  He obviously had severe mental issues, which is one fo the reasons he was fired, but no one wanted to help him.  No one wanted to be thought of as a bigot.  So he was fired and plotted his revenge, even when everyone at that newsstation knew he would be back and that he was dangerous, but because he was black their was nothing that could be done.  And this man festered, watch MSNBC and Al Sharpton until he couldn't stand to watch anymore and had to take action, which he did.  MSNBC and Sharpton would always tell Flanagan that he is the vicitim, their is nothing wrong with you.  This was going through his head.  Its like a psychopath having a cheering parting.  
Its sad this happened.  But I hope people will learn it is time to stop playing the victim.  He ultimate consequence is this.  No one is helped, in fact this man was denied help because of it.  Why work hard to fix a mental disorder when you can just feed a line of MSNBC and Rachel Maddow like it would be injecting herion or crack.