Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Solar News

What happened? The House of Representatives filed a budget bill this morning that would fund the federal government through October 2016. Included is a deal to extend both provisions of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) at the current 30% until the end of 2019 before phasing it out over several years.
Why does it matter? Don't pop the champagne yet - this ITC extension is not a done deal. The entire bill still needs to be voted on and approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate before being sent to the President for his signature. But, since Congress must pass a budget and members are eager to adjourn for the holidays, prospects are looking good! 

What can you do? It's possible the House could vote as early as Thursday - that's tomorrow! - followed shortly thereafter by a Senate vote. Please call your representatives in both the House and Senate and ask them to support the budget bill! Find their phone numbers here. Or if you can’t make a call, click here to send a note to your representatives.

Letter to Governor Brown

"I am writing you today to express concern about several state agencies actively trying to get around Labor Code section 432.9, also known as a bill AB 218.  I am a ex convict and have been subject to preliminary background searches by agencies like the Department of Insurance before an interview, positions that would not be on the restrictions or considered criminmal justice agencies routinely do preliminary background searches before hiring.  I have an email from the Department of Insurance proving such.

My purpose in writing you is to let you know that their are several state agencies working around your well intentioned "ban the box" law.  I have a 2 year old and need to find work which has been very hard to come by, but much harder when state agencies like the Department of Insurance do not obey the law.

Thank you,

Sean Gjerde"

Obviously state agencies are actively trying to get around this new law and are pretty up front about it which is suprising.  Nearly all state agencies now post on their job listings that background checks are required even though the position does not call for it and is not part of the exemptions of AB 218.

This is and should be a outrage to all.