Friday, July 31, 2015

Tim Cushing of the dirt is a child molestor

Tim Cushing likes molesting children but more important he likes writing about it. Recently he has posted articles about child molesting for tech crunch. Admirable to be sure but is it really an attempt to take the scent off him? Well well a quick google search of Tim lists him in the Maine sex offender list. Maybe this isn’t tim but it appears to anyone who Googles his name its Tim.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Prisoners fighting fires

If ever a group was doing the jobs that we refuse to do it is not illegal aliens. But it is prisoners.  Fighting fires and risking their lives for a little over 1 dollar an hour. If modern slavery exists then it is them doing the dirty work.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson on Kate Stienle

I love what Victor Davis Hanson said about the Kate Stienle case

"What we won’t hear from quite liberal people is that their own policies of legal nullification are catalysts for tragedies. Municipal and state nullification of federal statutes also has a shameful American history. It was just such a principle — that local and regional lawmakers could decide that the law of land is not applicable to themselves — that was at the heart of the argument for the Old Confederacy.
If 19th-century South Carolina could unilaterally declare that U.S. law did not apply within its environs, why then not 21st century San Francisco as well? (Apparently San Francisco thinks South Carolina was on the winning side of the Civil War.)
Such contemporary liberal nullification is predicated on the relativist premise that progressive and situational cancellation of law is noble — whereas other, less enlightened states or city rights movements have no business copying their model. Should Billings declare gay marriage illegal inside its city limits , or should Fresno County decide to suspend the Endangered Species Act inside its border, or should Provo announce that the city would summarily deport illegal aliens without notifying federal authorities, San Franciscans would be outraged. They would rightly equate such nullification with secessionism.
Picking and choosing which federal laws to follow — whether or not to file a tax return with the IRS? — leads where exactly? Do those who are caught not filing tax returns statistically have no higher incidence of criminality? And if that were true, what exactly would it prove?"

Please tell your Senator and Congressman to pass Kate's Law.

Remember that could have been your daughter, your sister.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Watched the video friday of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, and we won't go into the San Francisco officals who have blown off meida requests, they are pieces of fucking shit who run away from real media outlets to go tell their freaking vocal equivalent of masterbation theroies to gllorified blogs that make Gawker look like Foreign Affairs.   But let me go through what my reaction to the Sheriff is, I hope you find it enlightening.  I have to keep in mind someone elected this guy, but then again the a whole state voted for Blogovich so there you go. 

"Its funny listening to this guy, he goes through all the things that his office did and he still hasn't figured out he was played by this guy.   I mean he goes through it, "why did this come up after being in federal custody three times?"  Because he WANTED TO GO TO SAN FRANCISCO you dumb idiot.  He played the Bureau of Prisons and he played you perfectly.  He is the one WHO TOLD THE BOP about the warrant, it is so freaking obvious.  And him saying that a bench warrant is more important than a DA warrant (normally called a arrest warrant by nearly everyone else, but shit I guess I am not the sheriff, only a felon)  which is also APPROVED BY A FREAKING JUDGE YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT when one has probable cause of a crime.  A bench warrant is normally for breaches of the rules of court, typically a failure to appear.  If this sending his deputies to every freaking prison in this stupid country to pick up people on 20 year old bench warrants the people of San Francisco should be up in arms at the complete waste of government resources and money. But absolutely no one in the media has talked about this at all, it remains completely silent, no one has followed up or checked on it,"  

The media is hiding how much this illegal allien (I don't speak any english, but I can write it perfectly in motions and requests to the court, come on) played what most people would think of as intelligent (just watch a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black, and all images of intelligence in our federal prisons will quickly vanish, and yes it is accurate) government officals.  Yes they were played, perfectly played, too bad this guy is crazy (He was in a BOP mental hospital in Springfield, MO) which the sheriff and the BOP knew.  

One last question is, wasn't this guy still on Probation?  I mean why are the Feds off the hook here, he was busted on a probation violation, so probation likely continued on him following the violation.  Why didn't his PO report anything, I mean he didn't report to his PO in Texas in over two months, they knew he didn't leave San Francisco where he was released becasue HE WANTED TO GO THERE SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE IT WAS A SANCTUARY CITY.  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lies told by the media.

So this is exactly why the sanctuary city stuff is complete nonsense.  I love these stories, they always interview a bunch of illegal aliens who aren't scared to be interviewed after going to a state agency like the DMV without any fear.  Why do we have sanctuary cities?  Are these people thinking that the police can't just go to DMV and arrest the whole lot of them?  Of course not.  Some of the biggest lines were in Fresno, I saw them.  Fresno is not a sanctuary city, they actually keep a ICE representative in the county jail specifically for deportation of convicted criminal illegal aliens.  Of course I guess the mean old police don't watch TV or read a newspaper so maybe that is their rationale, but in reality sanctuary cities are complete crap, they have absolutely no purpose as the new California DMV law should illustrate to everyone.  Illegals are not scared of local police in any way, anyone who tells you differently is lying and wants innocent americans dead like Kathryn Steinle.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Obama today is commuting the sentences of over 90 drug dealers.  What about white collars. They need relief to

Friday, July 10, 2015


Here is the basic problem with getting out of prison. You can't find a real job.  This is especially hard on white collars not only did you do the time but you have to overcome junk on Google.  Advice?  I will give it to you when I figure it out.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How did Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez get to San Francisco. The bophelped him of course

I know people are down on San Francisco right now about this shooting case and they should be.  But I feel the BOP and their policies are getting a pass. The warden should have never allowed him to go to San Francisco and unlike what you have heard they did have a choice. The warden could have said the warrant is too old and insignifigant aand that Juan posed a danger to the public.

Juan was in BOP custody and in order to be handed off by way of detainer to San Francisco, Victorville had to authorize the realize.  They knew as most people would that San Francisco would let him go once they were done with him.  They are a known sanctuary city.  They knew about the ice detainer.  But BOP program statements put any insignificant state detainer ahead of an ice request, it could be for a 40 year old misdermeanor, the BOP would put that as a priority over a ICE detainer.  A pretty interesting loophole if you know how to play it.

 Juan contrary to reports speaks good English and can write rather well.  He had filed previously several motions in his own  case.  He knew of the warrant in San Francisco.  He has stated he wanted to go there. He filled out a cop out and requested that the bop notify San Francisco of his request to be heard on the warrant.  This is nown as a Inmate Request for Final disposition and and part of a BOP program statement.  Remember San Francisco had to verify the warrant, it is 20 years old which they did.  The BOP didn't know about it, he told them about it in order to get sent to San Francisco as opposed to being deported.    Like the useless dolts they are San Francisco obliged and picked him up in Victorville 500 miles away and brought him back. They booked him, dropped the charges and released him. This was Juan's plan, a plan he got likely from jailhouse lawyers in Victorville to stay in the United States, I would have probably had recommended a similar plan to him and would have been paid around 10 books of stamps to have implemented it.

Problem is that San Francisco didn't know he was crazy.  That's right Juan spent a lot of time in a psychiatric wing in Springfield medical  facility. He was crazy. The bop knew this I don't think San Francisco did.  Crazy illegal alien then shoots young woman in the prime of her life. The end

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hoping everyone has a good weekend

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  It's hot here in California so be safe and hydrate

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alaska's ever increasing prison problem

Here is an article I found by Juneau Empire in the Alaska Journal of Commerce.  Being from California I know the costs that are effected by mass incarceration especially for non-violent offenders who know make up a much larger portion of our prison population.  Please keep in mind the United States is the ONLY country in the western world who locks up non-violent offenders at the rate it does.  For years both Democrats and Republicans have found common ground on increasing the prison population, for Republicans it was to be tough on crime and for Democrats it was to appease a very large block of union workers it needed in order to win and finance elections.  A silent quid pro quo existed.  Alaska for years has been squeezed as it loses its oil revenue to places like North Dakota and Texas.  Simply put it is a state in decline that simply cannot absorb the costs of a increasing prison population. In any case here is the article.

"It’s time for Alaskans to take a hard look at the state’s prison system and who inhabits it.
Next fiscal year, the state of Alaska will spend $326 million on the Alaska Department of Corrections. According to figures from the department, there were 5,267 Alaskans in prison on July 1, 2014, the first day of the current fiscal year. The exact number of Alaskans in prison will fluctuate from day to day as prisoners are released and admitted, but do the math, and it works out to nearly $62,000 per inmate bed per year.
Though the Alaska Legislature has solved the state’s budget puzzle for the 2016 fiscal year, in less than seven months it will be back at work in the Capitol to address an even worse fiscal problem. As lawmakers face the issue, even the Department of Corrections will be cut.
Prison reform must be part of the state’s budget solution. Done correctly, it will save money and lead to better results for Alaskans unfortunate enough to end up in jail.
Last week, the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission met to hear a presentation from the Pew Charitable Trusts. The presentation mirrored one given to the Alaska Bar Association last month and included some alarming statistics.
Alaska’s prison population grew by 27 percent between 2005 and 2014, the third-fastest rate in the United States. Almost half the inmates currently in jail are behind bars for nonviolent offenses or because they violated parole. An alarming proportion — 28 percent at any given time — are awaiting trial. Think about it: Men and women are in jail for offenses they may not have committed. If found not guilty at trial, they will be released from jail with nothing more than a pat on the back for the days, weeks or months they’ve spent behind bars. Even as their lives are disrupted, the state is absorbing the cost.
Senate Bill 91, a bipartisan piece of legislation, would address this issue by offering more alternatives, including home arrest and electronic monitoring. It’s languishing until lawmakers return to the Capitol, and we hope the Legislature will keep it moving.
What about if a person is found guilty? Our initial reaction is harsh punishment. How many times have you heard (or said) “If you can do the crime, you can do the time?”
The problem then occurs when a person finishes their time. A majority of Alaska’s inmates, once released from jail, do something that sends them back to jail. It might be as simple as a probation violation or as dangerous as another crime.
The Criminal Justice Commission and the Pew Trusts have teamed up to put together a reform package tailored to the state’s problems, including recidivism, the process by which freed inmates commit new crimes and return to jail. We hope the Legislature and members of the public will be open to the idea that prison is not always the best solution.
To solve the problem of chronic inebriates in downtown Juneau, we’ve already turned to a housing-first approach as a new way to approach the issue. A similar approach may be needed for crime.
If Alaska’s prison population continues to rise, all Alaskans will be squeezed to pay the cost.
We simply can’t afford it."