Thursday, August 27, 2015

We can't be victims, inmates or others, it leads to nothing but sadness.

It's pretty clear today, that the shooter Vester Lee Flanagan II in the shooting in Virgina thought of himself as a victim.  And honestly why shouldn't he think of himself that way. You got most of the news media, sans Fox saying your the victim.  You have news reporters and commentators blamming Fox News for inciting the shooting of a South Carolia church.  Where the other media keeps up the victim line.  Black Lives Matter puts gasoline on this fire, a fire that has been brewing since Obama was inaguraited and started when the now former Attorney General attacked white people in his first speech.  That was the begining of a presidency that would see race relations get to a all time low. 

I honestly can't really blame this guy.  He obviously had severe mental issues, which is one fo the reasons he was fired, but no one wanted to help him.  No one wanted to be thought of as a bigot.  So he was fired and plotted his revenge, even when everyone at that newsstation knew he would be back and that he was dangerous, but because he was black their was nothing that could be done.  And this man festered, watch MSNBC and Al Sharpton until he couldn't stand to watch anymore and had to take action, which he did.  MSNBC and Sharpton would always tell Flanagan that he is the vicitim, their is nothing wrong with you.  This was going through his head.  Its like a psychopath having a cheering parting.  
Its sad this happened.  But I hope people will learn it is time to stop playing the victim.  He ultimate consequence is this.  No one is helped, in fact this man was denied help because of it.  Why work hard to fix a mental disorder when you can just feed a line of MSNBC and Rachel Maddow like it would be injecting herion or crack.  

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