Monday, August 31, 2015

Attacking prison reform with government paid trolls like Tim Cushing

AstroTurf campaigns are campaigns that mimic something like a grassroots campaign but are actually planted.  These are normally started by governments or corporations, such as our own by paid bloggers like a Tim Cushing who is a paid blogger by Ziff Davis which is also partially funded by the government, hence the connection.  What bloggers like Tim Cushing do is post blogs about non-government actions interspersed with government action.  The idea is to equate the two as the same, making what private citizens do as the same as what the government does.  Which is actually fairly clever way of excusing the government when it violates your civil rights. 
What Tim Cushing also does he has government/corporate trolls perform for him on twitter and other boards to essentially back up his fake news coverage to seek and destroy those who are trying to reign in government action.  What Tim does is essentially try to prop up the government against those seeking to exercise their civil rights or seeking common sense reform that would limit and shrink the government such as prison reform.  As a prison reform activist I have been targeted by Tim and his team of trolls for attempting to remove untruthful information about myself, along with removing copyrighted material to help other convicts in getting their lives back in order to get long term employment and provide for their families.  The government doesn’t want this and they use internet monkeys like Tim Cushing to eradicate decent with the help of his troll friends who are in all actuality likely government paid employees. 

It’s important to troll back on these agents. This isn’t as crazy as it seems, there are plenty of examples of the government trolling the internet and creating their own news, the Washington Post reports on this often.  I can only hope that people are wise enough to see this for what it is.  

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