Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lies told by the media.

So this is exactly why the sanctuary city stuff is complete nonsense.  I love these stories, they always interview a bunch of illegal aliens who aren't scared to be interviewed after going to a state agency like the DMV without any fear.  Why do we have sanctuary cities?  Are these people thinking that the police can't just go to DMV and arrest the whole lot of them?  Of course not.  Some of the biggest lines were in Fresno, I saw them.  Fresno is not a sanctuary city, they actually keep a ICE representative in the county jail specifically for deportation of convicted criminal illegal aliens.  Of course I guess the mean old police don't watch TV or read a newspaper so maybe that is their rationale, but in reality sanctuary cities are complete crap, they have absolutely no purpose as the new California DMV law should illustrate to everyone.  Illegals are not scared of local police in any way, anyone who tells you differently is lying and wants innocent americans dead like Kathryn Steinle.

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