Monday, July 20, 2015

Watched the video friday of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, and we won't go into the San Francisco officals who have blown off meida requests, they are pieces of fucking shit who run away from real media outlets to go tell their freaking vocal equivalent of masterbation theroies to gllorified blogs that make Gawker look like Foreign Affairs.   But let me go through what my reaction to the Sheriff is, I hope you find it enlightening.  I have to keep in mind someone elected this guy, but then again the a whole state voted for Blogovich so there you go. 

"Its funny listening to this guy, he goes through all the things that his office did and he still hasn't figured out he was played by this guy.   I mean he goes through it, "why did this come up after being in federal custody three times?"  Because he WANTED TO GO TO SAN FRANCISCO you dumb idiot.  He played the Bureau of Prisons and he played you perfectly.  He is the one WHO TOLD THE BOP about the warrant, it is so freaking obvious.  And him saying that a bench warrant is more important than a DA warrant (normally called a arrest warrant by nearly everyone else, but shit I guess I am not the sheriff, only a felon)  which is also APPROVED BY A FREAKING JUDGE YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT when one has probable cause of a crime.  A bench warrant is normally for breaches of the rules of court, typically a failure to appear.  If this sending his deputies to every freaking prison in this stupid country to pick up people on 20 year old bench warrants the people of San Francisco should be up in arms at the complete waste of government resources and money. But absolutely no one in the media has talked about this at all, it remains completely silent, no one has followed up or checked on it,"  

The media is hiding how much this illegal allien (I don't speak any english, but I can write it perfectly in motions and requests to the court, come on) played what most people would think of as intelligent (just watch a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black, and all images of intelligence in our federal prisons will quickly vanish, and yes it is accurate) government officals.  Yes they were played, perfectly played, too bad this guy is crazy (He was in a BOP mental hospital in Springfield, MO) which the sheriff and the BOP knew.  

One last question is, wasn't this guy still on Probation?  I mean why are the Feds off the hook here, he was busted on a probation violation, so probation likely continued on him following the violation.  Why didn't his PO report anything, I mean he didn't report to his PO in Texas in over two months, they knew he didn't leave San Francisco where he was released becasue HE WANTED TO GO THERE SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE IT WAS A SANCTUARY CITY.  

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