Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How did Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez get to San Francisco. The bophelped him of course

I know people are down on San Francisco right now about this shooting case and they should be.  But I feel the BOP and their policies are getting a pass. The warden should have never allowed him to go to San Francisco and unlike what you have heard they did have a choice. The warden could have said the warrant is too old and insignifigant aand that Juan posed a danger to the public.

Juan was in BOP custody and in order to be handed off by way of detainer to San Francisco, Victorville had to authorize the realize.  They knew as most people would that San Francisco would let him go once they were done with him.  They are a known sanctuary city.  They knew about the ice detainer.  But BOP program statements put any insignificant state detainer ahead of an ice request, it could be for a 40 year old misdermeanor, the BOP would put that as a priority over a ICE detainer.  A pretty interesting loophole if you know how to play it.

 Juan contrary to reports speaks good English and can write rather well.  He had filed previously several motions in his own  case.  He knew of the warrant in San Francisco.  He has stated he wanted to go there. He filled out a cop out and requested that the bop notify San Francisco of his request to be heard on the warrant.  This is nown as a Inmate Request for Final disposition and and part of a BOP program statement.  Remember San Francisco had to verify the warrant, it is 20 years old which they did.  The BOP didn't know about it, he told them about it in order to get sent to San Francisco as opposed to being deported.    Like the useless dolts they are San Francisco obliged and picked him up in Victorville 500 miles away and brought him back. They booked him, dropped the charges and released him. This was Juan's plan, a plan he got likely from jailhouse lawyers in Victorville to stay in the United States, I would have probably had recommended a similar plan to him and would have been paid around 10 books of stamps to have implemented it.

Problem is that San Francisco didn't know he was crazy.  That's right Juan spent a lot of time in a psychiatric wing in Springfield medical  facility. He was crazy. The bop knew this I don't think San Francisco did.  Crazy illegal alien then shoots young woman in the prime of her life. The end

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