Saturday, August 22, 2015

Either you are with me or against me.

This was a question asked in a rehtorical manner by someone protraying himself as a anarchist.  Truth be told anarchist wouldn't pretend to be another anarchist, they are subtle and behind the scens.  One of my best prison friends would talk to me constantly about his beliefs and even let me borrow his Organise! magazine from time to time.  It was very interesting stuff.  His adventures and stories will always be with me.  He was a good bunkie and a good friend for my time at the federal prison.  This is why I can't stand those who prop up corporate guttersnipes like Tim Cushing who works for Tech Dirt.  Now Tech DIrt claims to be independent, though they are acutally owned and run by Ziff Davis Corp, which is owned by j2 Global Communications Inc.  A company that has used and abused IP laws specifically patent laws against really inovative companies such as CalWave, Comodo, EasyLInk, Open Text, Packetel, Protus, Venali and Vitelity.  Of course no one including Mr. Cushing would dare disclose this in any of their work, nor that their site supported by banner ads who they would also never touch. 

I am not a corporate shill, I have integrity, none of my blogs have banner ads, and if they do I am not being paid by them nor endorse them.  I am certainly not helping a large technology corporation like j2 bring down other smaller companies, stealing their technology and suing them in patent court once I have take it.  The way these tech patent vultures go after their prey is akin to Howard Armstrong and Lee de Forest.  Of course after much deciption and attorneys de Forest prevailed their is little dout he had little contribution to the modern radio, where Armstrong actually invented the thing.  I support Amrstrong, people like Cushing and his rag tag gang, and you know who I am talking about are de Forest all the way.  They support through their actions big business, big lawyers, big, government, big big big.  They never dislose this, maybe they are so stupid they never even think about it.  

George W. Bush once said or was it Darth Vader, hard to remember, that either you are with me, or you are against me.  In the end either you support inmates in prisons getting second chances upon their release.  They are deserving of a second chance.  Especially white collar prisoners, who not only have to endure prison, but have their entire lifes and family torn apart, all their assets lost, divorces, suicides, and so forth.  EIther you clap when Bernie Madolf's son committed suicide or you want to see a change.  There is no in between,  I have seen alot of deaths at peoples on hands who were wrongfully indicted or investigated by the FBI.  People should be held accountable for their actions, but we must follow the European model, we need to make these people financially liable in civil court, not criminalize every overt act.  For those who don't understand the difference of Criminal Intent or as we call it Mens Rea and just intent, I am not going to bother to explain it to you.  Go to law school and learn it, I am not a teacher anymore.  If you want to trust your government and support them, then you are not with me. Everyone commits three federal felonies a day, their have been plenty of books about it, I suggest you go to your local library.  Also if the ABA can't find all the the pontentially criminal statutes on the books with the Feds, I seriously doubt a twitter troll could do it, so don't be a jack ass.  

I want to see all felons get a second chance, this means a clean record on the internet, and on the books.  They paid their debt to suicide more times than you can imagine, and its time that these people be allowed to work and allowed to provide for their families.  Its real simple, either you are for that, or you are for the Prison Industrial Complex and large corporations that want to see it through.  Make your choice, either you are with me, or with Timmy Cushing.  

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