Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tim Cushing is Mr. Vile

Stooge of Corporate America, let me introduce you to Mr. Tim Cushing.  Not only is he a convicted child molester, but Tim Cushing is a stooge to corporate interests at Techdirt, which is a favorite go to blog for PC Magazine owned by Ziff Davis, who is owned by j2 Global.

Now Mr. Cushing won't tell you about this nice little arrangement with j2 Global and for good reason, because j2Global is the 1% incarnate.  A company that frequently like Mr. Cushing has abused IP law, something Mr. Cushing seems very disinterested in as his interest is little old me.  What j2 Global has done is abuse intellectual property laws and gone after companies with patent litigation including CalWave, Comoodo, EasyLink, Open Text, Packetel, Protus, Venali and Vitelity.  These companies all filed various counter-claims for antitrust violations of the Sherman act and California Business and Professions code.   J2Global has received numerous complaints from subscribers on the difficulty of canceling services with them, including high fees and lack of toll free number portability.  Essentially j2 Global is a perfect example of a super vile corporation abusing IP laws and its customer base.

Now you won't hear Mr. Tim Cushing talking about this, instead he has decided to engage in ad homonym attacks on me.  Well Tim Cushing you are the problem, you are the 1%, you are against prison reform, you are for abusive corporations getting away with a plethora of IP violations that you never talk about.  

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