Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Founder of Delta Homes and Lending Inc. Pleads Guilty to Mortgage Fraud Scheme.

Some news came about on Monday that didn't really make the news.  It wasn't reported on any TV channels, the Sacramento Bee didn't even bother to put it in its local crimes section.  But it is something very important, not for the conviction or what the people at Delta Homes and Lending Inc. did.  We all know who in the real estate crash of 2008 should be in prisons, and it isn't Moctezuma Tovar or Sandra Hermosillo.  I am talking of course about the big time bangers, the rulers of the world out of New York City and London, enjoying their summer in the Hamptons, while Tovar and Hermosiilo will likely spend their time preparing to go to a ritual waste of taxpayer money known as the Federal Prison Camp.  Why is this important.  Its important in that even in late 2015 we are trying cases for events that happened nearly a decade ago where the actual public and newsmedia has no interest.  Just google these people, The Woodland Cow Tipper Daily isn't excatly going to make the headlines, and only thing the Cow Tipper ran it in the back.

This is terrible for US attorneys, so sociopathic and in need of press not to be able to get it after putting at a news release.  The public generally against them, hence why it isn't making the front page.  The public years ago wanted to see the real insiders, the real fraudsters in jail, instead the public sees them on their Yahats, making contributions to Hillary and Jeb.

I feel sorry Jeany Holber and Bra Bra Fogerty, they worked that case so well, and no one cares, in fact this blog is probably the biggest news it has gotten.

The problem that Jeany and Bra Bra don't know is that they are part of a system, the system needs to get rid of low level drug dealers like Obama said, but they also need to fill up the prisons.  So the solution is low level white collars of course.  A group no on has sympathy for or cares about.

I wish Tovar and Hermosillo the best, I know this is pretty hard, but be grateful unlike my sorry but you didn't get channel 13, channel 40, Sacramento Bee front page.  You did alot worse than I ever did, but your timing was very good, no one will know.  The Feds lock up white collars at their own peril, people know who actually commits crimes, and by continuing to go after mortgage fraud cases nearly a decade ago it is not doing anything than what it is intended to do, fill up those now exiting camps and lows with fresh blood, white collar blood.  At least you can get the US Probabtion officer to ask you when you do get out of prison are you upset that the guy who instructed you and told you how to do what you did is still playing rounds at the country club with Barak Obama.

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