Thursday, August 20, 2015

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose

My last blog dealt with a coprorate bottom feeder named Tim Cushing.  Tim when he isn't hanging out with Jared from Subway makes it a habit to deflect attention from his corporate overlorders at Ziff Davis to ensure that while their parent company can abuse all the Intellecutal Property laws they want, that others can do the same.  Simple deflection.  Now comes the number 2 of the week, of what woudl appear to be just harmless innocent independent bloggers who for some reason never disclose who they work for and why that might be pretty important.  In the case of a chomo like Tim, he is just s simple piece of gutter trash that no one really cares about, even his parents.  But Ben Casselman is a different matter.  He worked for the Wall Street Journal, and now works for the Big Mouse House, the Walt Disney Corporation.  He actually works for a sports section known as ESPN that is under Disney.  Oddly enough his most recent article has nothing to do with sports, but what it is about is the latest presdential race.  Mr. Casselman made some pretty amazing rehtorical statements and facts in regards to Trump.  None of whihc are true but Mr. Casselman doesn't have much interest in being fair, he needs to please his overlords at Disney.  Why Disney would want this echoed through the Sports Department is strange but of little consequence.  In the end Disney how has been involved in a major scandel at Walt Disney World involving replacing american workers with foreign labor on H1-B Visas, and then making the american labor train the new inexpensive foreign labor.  The fact this has never really been contradicted or undone is somewhat amazing.  No harm in doubling down.  Everytime a arm of Disney goes after Trump they should disclose this incident, and their illegal use of foreign labor and the abuse of H1-B Visa process.  But they won't.  Cushing won't disclose the company he works for indirectly has a pretty bad history of abusing IP law, that hasn't stopped him from tyring to go after me in enforcing my IP rights.  Save to say watch these supposed independent bloggers, often they are not independent at all.  I will always disclose to my readers that I am a convicted felon that had a very minor part in creating real estate deriviatives.  I don't hide it like some hide their criminal records like Mr. Cushing.  Like some hide their employments such as Mr. Casselman.  

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