Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Question, why don't people do this.

I hope some twitter trolls today learned a little something.  That something has to do with questioning.  Questioning means we can look outside our own human ego and see things in a different way.  All the great scientists we have had over the centuries questioned traditional wisdom.  Questioning why you do something forces you to pick apart the usefulness of habitual behaviors and to clarify aspects of your life and who you think you are almost like.  We should also question the media.  Many liberals, such as the twitter trolls today who decided to attack me never question things as long as its from their side.  But in fact if Fox News or the Koch Brothers told them something they would immeidately question it.  But if Fox News can be easily manipulated, why can't other media also be manipulated.  Why would anyone believe all the press releases or news articles they read?  You would have to be somesort of moron, yet these people are exactly that.  They lack the ability to be intellecual, instead they are sheep, lemenies to their own.  I make absolutley no secret I am a Federal Felon, and I was disbarred because I do have that felony.  That doesn't mean I am guilty of what I plead to or everything that is written about me.  In fact my decision to plea was made because I couldn't afford trial, I didn't want to drag my family any further into the hell I had gotten into, I wanted to watch my son Parker be born.  I think most people would accept that.  

But in truth even liberals, who supposedly are for prison reform are quick to jump on others they don't like and judge them without knowing anything about them.  These people support the 1% who recieved most of the money involving mortgage fraud before the great depression, they also inadvertently support longer prison sentences and support felons not to be able to get work.  They also support Hillary and Bill Clinton, both disbarred attorneys, with HIllary likely looking at jail time.  They make up things and state things that completely contradict their world view and never realize it.  

Why is it that if Putin in Russia wins a election with 99% of the vote, we would all say that it was rigged, it was a unfair election.  But we are quick to jump up for joy when the United States Attorney Conviction rate is the same as Putin's election rate?  Does anyone actually believe 99% of the people prosecuted by the U.S. attorney are guilty?  Could someone but that stupid to believe that but not believe Putin's election results weren't rigged?  Maybe Putin is a very good President, a great politician, a fantastic leader in Russia.  No one thinks about that, they just assume its rigged.  But they have absolute faith in the Justice Department, one that has been proven time and time again of being political. The same Justice Dept. that locked up Muhammad Ali for opposing the Vietnam War.  Who locked up Jehovah Witnesses for opposing World War 1.  One should lock at Dr. Benjamin Chavis, who was imprisoned by the US Justice Dept and was later released due to prosecutorial misconduct.  Leonard Peltier, a activist with the American Indian Movement, a innocent man who was found guilty by the United States but had all evidence that would have exonerated him withheld by the US Justice Dept.  The conviction rate is nearly 99% for the Feds, think about how absurd that is for a minute, maybe you should start questioning things.  

The same people who would condemn me are the same ones who would go out and buy Martha Stewert sheets and never see a contradiction.  The fact is felons coming out of Federal prison are at a greater disadvantage then state convicts.  Federal is hard to get rid of or reduce on your record, where state charges it is relatively simple.  Simply stated federal felons need jobs and support, or they will revert to crimes, even if they weren't guilty of the crimes they went to prison for.  

The truth is no one should believe everything they read, nor should they jump to conclusions about people they don't know based on things on the internet.  Yet we do that everyday.  Start questioning, their are two sides to every story.  If we don't start questioning things, then we will be lead down a golden path to a dictator one day, right or left.  

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